Grow Free Cart Coming Soon!

By | 13/04/2017

Have you heard of the Grow Free Movement?

Here at  the Murray Bridge Community Centre we will be introducing a Grow Free Cart to the front of our centre for the community to use.

The aim of this Grow Free Cart is to provide fresh, organic produce to everyone at no  cost at all!

“Take What You Need – Give What You Can”.

The wonderful thing about this concept is that if you don’t have fresh produce that is ok too. You can still take some fresh veggies and fruit home! You never know you might feel inspired to start your own veggie patch and one day contribute to the Grow Free Cart!

If you have fresh produce, spare seeds, sauces or even just collect your empty jars for other people to use it will help make this Grow Free Cart thrive!

It will be a community effort to keep this cart running and we would love to have people help out where they can. Feel free to contact us to see how you can help! To keep updated please like our Facebook page as we will let you know when it’s up and running on there first!

grow free photo